TEQGames FLEX Labs

The TEQGames series of programs are developed based on an iterative Story Engine and Game Engine design process, FLEX© Labs (Flexible Learning Experience), pioneered by TEQGames and used in such projects as the U.S. Navy's Recruit Training Center Battle Stations 21 capstone experience, and the National Flight Academy series of immersive AIR programs on board Ambition. A Story Engine (the student inspiration driver) will set up specific scenario-based decision objectives for the student participants (individual or team), and the Game Engine (the student engagement driver) will take student input and drive a decision tree system based on the defined learning objectives. The output from the Game Engine drives the next element in the Story Engine, so the scenario evolves in response to student participant decisions and inputs, and surrounding "real world" responses.

The FLEX Programs are intended to generate a high level of participant interest in STEM subjects and activities; and to achieve defined measures of competency against learning objectives in math and science, critical thinking, leadership, and ethical behavior. The goal is to create compelling programs that will allow Educational Partners to "Transform the STEM Education Equation", particularly with regard to Science and Math subject matter; and to provide a compelling and competitive platform that will allow local program development but will be scalable for regional and national development participation.


The FLEX Aviation Classroom Experience (FLEX - ACE) is a STEM immersive laboratory designed for use in middle and high schools to inspire students in STEM subjects through engaging, real world play; and provide teachers with tools to enhance student critical thinking in the application of science and math in relevant, "ripped from the headlines" stories.

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FLEX WAVES is a series of immersive classes integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) with the exciting Wonders of Audio Visual Engineering and Science (WAVES).

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The First Tee STEM Range Book series "Links" golf with the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) principles embedded in the game.

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