The FLEX Aviation Classroom Experience (FLEX - ACE) is a STEM immersive laboratory designed for use in middle and high schools to inspire students in STEM subjects through engaging, real world play; and provide teachers with tools to enhance student critical thinking in the application of science and math in relevant, "ripped from the headlines" stories.

By using inspiring aviation story lines and serious game play, ACE excites and engages students about STEM subject matter and provides relevant experiences that foster deeper learning. The ultimate ACE classroom is themed to emulates a modern remotely piloted vehicle (RPV) control center, where students can pilot RPVs on exciting missions anywhere in the world. This contextually rich environment transforms a traditional classroom into an interactive, multi-sensory setting where students are immersed in the missions and challenged to solve problems in a fast-paced environment. Students role-play as aviators, meteorologists, scientists, and engineers, and perform hands-on learning activities that require critical thinking methods and working in small-group collaborations.

ACE Flight Team members are dedicated to academic excellence through the application of science, technology, engineering, and math ("STEM") to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Through relevant aeronautical experiences, ACE Flight Teams exercise STEM knowledge, critical thinking, teamwork, and sound decision making to complete real world assignments.

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Inspired to Soar

Welcome to the Science Of Aeronautical Research - SOAR. For centuries, pioneers, explorers, scientists, and engineers have been inspired by the science of aeronautics. Now it's your turn to SOAR into the fascinating world of flight. Inspired to Soar engages ACE Flight Team members in five exciting training missions exploring airfoil flight in two different Remotely Piloted Vehicles.

Global Adventures

Get ready for some of the most exciting FLEX ACE Missions to date. The FLEX ACE Global Adventures series will challenge your critical thinking in high priority missions around the world. Your ACE Flight Team will be called on to command Remotely Piloted Vehicles on assignments from the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe to the busy yet remote cruise ship port of Sitka, Alaska.