FLEX SPORTS is a sports-based lab program for middle and high school students. The FLEX program uses a variety of sports-based experiences to create a relevant, immersive learning environment.

The FLEX SPORTS program will engage students in relevant STEM experiences based on a variety of sports-related activities covering four specific areas: physics and physical sciences, chemical and molecular science through materials science, health sciences through biomechanical sciences, and health and fitness.

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The First Tee STEM Range Book series "Links" golf with the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) principles embedded in the game. The Range Book includes nine Holes or exercises, each introducing a STEM Concept. The "Aim", or objective of each hole is to experience these STEM concepts through a series of "Aligned" activities or shots. Completing all the shots on each hole will demonstrate practical application of the STEM concept through a relevant golf exercise.