The First Tee STEMLinks courses use golf to introduce important concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Golf is a fun way to experience the practical application of STEM concepts useful throughout one's life.

The STEMLinks courses are extracurricular programs that link classroom learning objectives to real-world applications with hands-on exploration and experimentation. STEMLinks courses aid in learning environmental science, ecology, biomechanics, energy transfer, aerodynamics, materials science, measurement and computation, and a number of other concepts.

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STEMLinks Legacy Course

The First Tee STEM Legacy Course Range Book series "Links" golf with the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) principles embedded in the game. The Range Book includes nine Holes or exercises, each introducing a STEM Concept. The "Aim", or objective of each hole is to experience these STEM concepts through a series of "Aligned" activities or shots. Completing all the shots on each hole will demonstrate practical application of the STEM concept through a relevant golf exercise.

STEMLinks Field Guide

The First Tee STEMLinks Field Guide program is an extracurricular student learning experience that expands the educational opportunities offered through the First Tee National Schools program. The Field Guide links classroom learning objectives in science and math to real-world applications through hands-on exploration of a managed ecosystem. The program's learning objectives are based on students' application of fifth-grade science and math standards. The field activities also introduce students to exciting opportunities in specific scientific fields relating to ecology.